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A decorative glazed appearance in which the tiles are treated to provide an aged look. Usually intended for feature walls, as a decorative element.

Crackle Glazed

A type of popular glaze that features fine-line 'cracks' throughout the surface (usually inside) for an antique appearance.


Tiles with patterns, designs, photos or relief with raised images. They are generally used in complimentary with other tiles with solid colours.

Honed Finish

A machine process which results in a smooth, matt finish. They have little or no reflective gloss and are less shiny than fully polished tiles.


An Italian word for semi-polished finish on porcelain tiles. Has a softly reflective sheen rather than a high gloss. The amount of polish varies.

Matt Finish

Unpolished tiles with a matt sheen finish. Ceramic tiles can also be glazed with a matt, un-glossy finish.

Natural Finish

Natural describes a matt tile surface and intimates a natural surface or finish. A natural finish typically means either matt or satin tile surface.

Opaque Glaze

Non-transparent colourless or coloured tile glaze on the surface. This term is rarely used in the tiling industry.


The surface is buffed by the machine, which results in an even and smooth surface. A high-gloss finish can be reflective but also brings out the full character of the tile appearance.

Slip Resistant

A tile surface with a higher than normal of friction, reducing the likelihood of a slip. A slip resistance surface is usually created by adding abrasive particles to the glaze.


Surface with a tactile finish. Can typically mean the glazed surface of the tile is raised or has ripples throughout.

Unglazed Surface

Some tiles do not require a glaze; they gain their colour and design from the body of the tile. This also means that the design or pattern is carried through the body, making it a full-body tile.

Tile Finishes

There are several tile finishes to choose from, however the most commonly known terms are polished and matt finish.

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