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Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are defined as both non-porcelain and porcelain. For a typical ceramic tile seen in the tiles shop, it's lightweight nature usually means it is suited mainly for walls.


The colour of the body is similar to the glazed surface, which lessens the visibility of any impact in which chipping may occur.


Cushioned-edge tiles are manufactured using standard pressing processes in mould that will result in a slight curving around the edges.

Decorative Tiles

Tiles with patterns, designs, photos or relief with raised images. They are generally used in complimentary with other tiles in solid colours.


Unlike colour-bodied tiles, the decorative surface of the tile runs half-way deeper into the tile.


the surface of the design pattern is carried through the entire thickness of the tile. They are suitable for commercial and heavy-duty applications.

Glazed Tiles

A liquid glass is applied to the surface of the tile and is fired at high temperatures in a kiln. The firing of the glaze enables the surface to become hard and non-porous.

Inkjet Printing

This recent technology has opened up a huge diversity of tile options, in which a timber or a marble look on a tile can be created. They are resistant to stains and chipping.

Mosaic Tiles

A decorative form of tiling, in which they come in a variety of shapes and materials, size and finish. They are mounted on a mesh backing for the ease of application and laying.

Porcelain Tiles

They are fired at a much higher temperature and more compressed than regular ceramic tiles. This process yields a porcelain tile which is vitrified and highly durable.

Rectified Edges

Rectified tile is a fired tile (either ceramic or a porcelain tile) that has been water-cut with precision. An extra step is taken on all sides to achieve uniformity and precision.

3D Tiles

A three-dimensional tile with a sculpted appearance as a result of new tile technology. The effect can be either subtle or dramatic and is typically used as a feature wall.

Tile Types

Tiles are one of the most understated element but can have a powerful statement in your space, yet some of the terms can eluding to most of us.

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